Touring 150 Spring Street Penthouse Duplex

I was fortunate enough to run into a property manager for SITT Asset Management, who owns several buildings on Spring Street, Broadway, and Prince Street.

I got a tour of their duplex loft at 150 Spring Street – which was being used as a residence since approximately the 1980’s.  Peaking behind the water tower you can see the empire state building.

image (1)

Check out the video footage and open city views!

The entry way had an antique door handle/lock:

image (2)

And there was an antique safe found by the contractors:


The prior tenant also built an oddly shaped box window that you can actually see standing out on Spring Street:

image (4)

Who knows what they were growing…

The Southern views were beautiful:

image (3)

In the back of the apartment there was a gorgeous skylight:

image (5)

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