The Process Of Planning 2015 SoHo Events

Soho Strut is building its events and community calendar for 2015.  We are trying to engage people who work and live in the neighborhood.  Check out our community calendar here!

Every month, we will be hosting:

  • Community Coffee’s: Community coffee’s are for local business owners and managers to meet and strategize ways to direct retail traffic flow.  These will be held every Wednesday morning from 8:30-10am.  We will additionally work to create groups of similar businesses (ex. menswear, outerwear, etc) for meet-ups.
  • Local Meet & Greet:  We will be selecting an up-and-coming bar or restaurant to host local residents, entrepreneurs, managers, and employees of local businesses.  Check out our eventbrite page for tickets.
  • Art Gallery Nights:  Local art galleries will stay open one night per month for local residents and businesses.  A private event will be hosted to engage the local community after-hours.

Bi-monthly, we will be hosting:

  • Small Business Saturdays:  Did you know the South Village and Nolita are filled with hundreds of local businesses?  We will be working with these (not-so-hidden) gems to host small business events.


On an ad-hoc basis, we will be hosting:

  • After-Hours Events:  Many of the local retailers have expressed interest in hosting events at their retail stores after hours.  Not only will there be special discounts for locals, there will also be events
  • Exclusive Restaurant Invites:  There are many restaurants that are planning to open in 2015.  We will be working with these business owners to give you exclusive invites to menu tastings and other events.
  • Non-Profit Events:  We will be working with the local non-profits in SoHo to help connect them with local residents and businesses.
  • Retail VIP Events:  Many of the local retailers have high value customers that they would like to thank for their patronage.  They will be partnering with Soho Strut to create meaningful community events and programs.

Do you think SoHo could value from additional community programming?  We would love to hear on Facebook, Twitter, or email at!