SoHo’s Andy Speer in “Men’s Health Next Top Trainer” Final

SoHo Strength Lab is one of my favorite boutique gyms in SoHo.  Located at 182 Mulberry, SoHo Strength Lab opened a year ago and offers group training classes during the week and on weekends.  You can read more about SoHo Strength Lab in an article from October 2013 here.

One of the Co-Founders, Andy Speer, in addition to being an instructor, is also a fitness model.  I recently heard through the grapevine that Andy is a finalist for the Men’s Health “Next Top Trainer” contest!

Andy Speer - Next Top Trainer

You can watch Andy compete for title in the Men’s Health Final Episode here.

Andy has been working in the fitness industry for 25 years and his energy for fitness is inspiring.  After getting to know Andy over the past year, I know him to be an extremely hard worker.  Andy not only has grown SoHo Strength Lab to 8 trainers and teaches 8 of the classes each week, but he is constantly traveling for fitness magazine shoots (and I’ve spotted him on TV in the T-25 / Asylum 2 training videos).

{I’ve even taken an 11am class by Andy after an overnight flight from Italy for a magazine shoot — and he was full of energy; ready to push the group to our limits}

It also doesn’t hurt that your fitness instructor is a model…here are some photos of Andy from fitness magazines (Live Fit Central & Men’s Health):

Andy Speer - Live Fit Central

Andy Speer - Mens Health - Personal Trainer

When you try SoHo Strength Lab, my only advice is to commit to an at least once-per-week schedule for at least a month.  You will see more results in 4 classes than a month of working out at the gym.  I saw results…real strength.

While I’ve been a little slow during the summer, you will start seeing me in classes again come September!  Have you taken classes at SoHo Strength Lab?  I would love to hear on Facebook, Twitter, or email me at