Explore The Intersection Of Music & Wellness With Axel Audio x Lululemon Sunday January 17th!

I love when companies find innovative ways to partner with inspirational brands!  This time its a headphone company (Axel Audio) partnering with a lifestyle brand (Lululemon Mens) to create a day-long event to explore the intersection of music and wellness!


If you’ll be around Soho this weekend, stop by Lululemon Mens at 127 Prince Street from 11am-7pm for this collaboration with Axel Audio.  Axel Audio just launched their first line of customizable, modular headphones and is entering the fitness sphere with a series of events with their first event in Soho.  There will be a meditation station all day throughout the event and you can test out their 3 distinct Soundscapes.  You can download their web application here: (http://app.axelaudio.com)

About the company:  Axel Audio features studio grade headphones that retail starting at $145.  All of their products come as one of three Soundscapes – Core, Deep, or Pure.  They analyze listening behaviors from Spotify and pair the end user with a Soundscape that best matches their unique taste:

  • Soundscape CORE
    • With this classic Soundscape, we meet you where you are. Soundscape Core offers a balanced sound, with vivid highs for clarity, yet a slightly extended and warm bass. This Soundscape emits the colors that are fit for modern songs, while reserving different shades for the classics. From playing pop to indie rock, Core is the most versatile sound. Especially for those with a widely eclectic taste, this Soundscape will take you through all the stops along your musical journey.
  • Soundscape DEEP
    • 808s. The City. Heartbeats. In one way or another, all of these share a deepness with this Soundscape. Whether it’s hands in the air or four on the floor, these speakers are pumping blood. Soundscape Deep is to be embraced by bassheads, but we created it for everyone to understand. So, for the ravers and remixers, or for those who simply need more kick to their cadence, Soundscape Deep will generate the full and immediate experience that your ears demand.
  • Soundscape PURE
    • From painting the folk stories of your favorite singer-songwriter to driving the highs and lows of an intricate orchestral arrangement, Soundscape Pure delivers an impeccably refined sound. This sound offers the cleanest tone, while adding a touch of open warmth to your songs. Perhaps you spend most of your days in a coffee shop or often fall asleep at night to quiet jazz. Well, we haven’t forgotten about you, and this is in many ways our dearest Soundscape.


See you all Sunday!