Top 5 Stores In SoHo For Back-To-School Shopping!

I received an email from a reader who is planning a trip to NYC with her daughter and staying in SoHo.  In summary:

Random question!  Do you by chance know dates of the LF Store summer sale? Any suggestions for good teenage girl shopping?  Thanks for any help, love your blog!

LF Stores is heaven for teenage girls.  I wrote about the LF Summer Sale September 20, 2013 and its one of my most popular posts.  I also interviewed one of the sales associates Avery.  Check out the clip from my YouTube channel:

Back to school shopping is coming before we know it.  See below for the Soho Strut list of the top 5 stores in SoHo for back-to-school shopping.

1.  LF Stores – 149 Spring

LF Stores is located on Spring and West Broadway right across from another popular teenage girl store, Olive and Bettes.  LF Stores has two sales a year; once in the Summer and once in the Winter.  Their sales last literally two months each (it seems).  While the exact dates of their sales are not publicized, a good bet is August 1 – September 30 and February 1 – March 31 each year.

LF Stores sells clothes that are “surfer / music festival” friendly.  See photo below from their website:

LF Stores

LF has become the must have destination for many fashionistas who crave upcoming trends on the fashion circuit. We have become well known for our innovative trends, our variety and assortment, and our personalized styling sessions.

2.  Olive and Bettes – 158 Spring

Growing up in Ohio, I always looked forward to getting my “Olive and Bettes” catalog each season in high school and college.  Each spring and summer vacation, my father would take me and my siblings into Olive and Bettes and spend hours in the store.

Olive and Bettes offers more upscale brands but are similar price-points to LF Stores.  Here is a picture of one of the outfits from the Olive and Bettes Instagram:

Olive and Bettes

Olive and Bette’s is the ultimate closet: candy colors, cozy cashmeres, delicious denim–clothes that take you from the city streets to a sandy beach and everywhere in between. Plus–a well-edited selection of accessories. Welcome to New York City’s favorite neighborhood boutiques!

3.  Faherty Brand – 103 Thompson

Faherty is new to the neighborhood and right up the street from both LF Stores and Olive and Bettes.  They are offering 25% off all sale on their website (code: Summer).  Faherty’s lines of clothing are inspired by the beach.  Their store, which opened in March 2014, is designed to feel like a “beach bungalow” in the middle of SoHo.

Faherty Brand was founded by twins Alex and Mike (Faherty) who both started their careers in NYC, one in Design at Ralph Lauren and one in Private Equity in 2005.  Pretty cool that only 10 years later they jumped off the corporate america bandwagon to become entrepreneurs!

Faherty Brand lookbook

This brand has been our lifelong passion.  As twins, we’ve always dreamed of building a brand together inspired by the beach.  For us, life’s greatest moments are spent by the water, with sand between our toes, watching a sunrise on a surfboard or a sunset with friends around a bonfire.

4.  Brandy Melville – 499 Broadway

Brandy Melville has moved locations about 5 times since I moved to SoHo.  Most recently, they are located at 499 Broadway (between Broome and Spring) and also has a pretty robust online store where you can get free shipping on US orders over $100.

Brandy Melville is an Italian brand that originated in the US in California before adding locations in NYC.  Their price-points are on the cheaper side (shorts $20, dresses $30-40, shirts $20-40).

Brandy Melville USA SoHo

5.  Necessary Clothing:  4 Locations: 261-263 Canal Street, 676, 442 and 443 Broadway

Growing up, Necessary Clothing was that brand of stores that never had fitting rooms!  Luckily, they now have fitting rooms in their stores.

Necessary Clothing has lower price-points (think Forever 21 prices) and you can go into all four stores and always find different styles.  Necessary Clothing is currently offering 25% off all sale items (code: Extra)

Necessary Clothing

Do you have any suggestions for great back-to-school stores in SoHo?  I would love to hear via Facebook, Twitter, or email me at