Soho Strut Ventures East – Bait & Hook Re-launch

Going to restaurant openings and re-launches has become my favorite perk of neighborhood blogging!  I got invited to the re-launch of Bait & Hook in the East Village last night.  Known as a casual, neighborhood bar/restaurant, Bait & Hook recently hired a new chef {Dave Martin} to reinvent the menu.  

The invitation said there would be a cocktail-styled party with drinks and passed hors d’oeuvres.  The restaurant was packed with other invitees.  At the bar, there was an ice sculpture surrounded by oysters and shrimp:

Bait and Hook Ice Scupture and Raw Bar

I was able to find a seat and the appetizers piled onto the table!  For the next hour, several appetizers arrived, starting with the B & H Wagyu Mini Burgers, followed by Lobster Mac & Cheese, Jumbo Coconut Prawns, Baja Styled Fish Tacos, Old School Lobster Roll, Kung Pao Calamari and Gingered Organic Salmon.  Bait and Hook Sliders

Bait and Hook Lobster Mac and Fish Tacos

Bait and Hook Coconut Shrimp

Bait and Hook Calimari

Bait and Hook Salmon

My favorite was the Kung Pao Calamari but everything was really good.  Here is a picture of me scarfing down the Calamari!

Soho Strut at Bait and Hook

I’m surprised I’ve never been there before.  The prices are also great with the most expensive menu item being $22 for the Lobster Roll.  The Soho Sticker Shock doesn’t seem to exist in the East Village!

I met the owner Shaheen after stuffing myself and he said there is a second Bait & Hook oversees and they are going to be opening another Bait & Hook in Dubai.

Soho Strut with Shaheen

Soho Strut with Shaheen

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