Bring E-Commerce Convenience to Your Soho Brick and Mortar Business

E-Commerce has certainly taken away a considerable amount of business from real life brick and mortar stores, but in a society obsessed with instant gratification, the appeal of holding a product in your hand or trying it on before you buy it is still an unparalleled customer experience.


Fashion retail heavy hitter and self-made mogul Rebecca Minkoff’s Soho flagship store is leading the in-store tech revolution by taking the real life customer experience to a whole new level of interactive shopping. Here’s what she’s doing that has increased clothing sales three-fold and how other Soho retailers, no matter how small their tech budget, can follow suit.

Rebecca Revolutionizes In-Store Tech

This woman-owned clothing and accessories brand has revolutionized the in-store shopping experience. As a result, clothing sales have tripled, which is surprising for a brand that primarily sold handbags online until they opened their first brick and mortar. It’s all thanks to in-store interactive touch screens that pull double duty as mirrors when they’re not in use.

SMS Marketing at Its Finest

Want to order a free cup of coffee or a glass of champagne? Just put your phone number into the interactive touch screen to have a beverage hand-delivered while simultaneously creating your own customer account. It’s much easier than putting in your name and email address. Unlike emails, text messages are almost always read and, according to, are the best marketing technique for millennial customers. 90% of all texts are read within three minutes of being received.

Text messages also fall under the category of opt-in marketing just like emails, meaning customers are not being solicited and they can opt out easily at any time by simply texting the word STOP. It’s the perfect way to share information on sales and other in-store events. But the customer-pleasing tech doesn’t end there. Rebecca Minkoff’s smart store is all about in-store convenience and a personal touch. Sensors in the dressing room register what items the customer is trying on and gives them styling ideas on the mirror, which has now become a touch screen. The touch screen also informs the customer as to what other sizes, colors and styles are available at the location. They can also request one of these different sizes or styles without ever leaving the dressing room to find a store employee. Not only does this save the customer the hassle and encourage them to make a purchase, it saves time for the employees!

Perhaps the best part about the Minkoff’s smart store is the availability of personalized service that is not intrusive. Retail associates have the difficult task of walking the fine line between being aloof and overbearing. The shopping experience is supposed to be enjoyable. The smart store allows customers privacy with the option of summoning help at the touch of a mirror.

How To Get Your Store Started

Rebecca Minkoff’s smart store uses truly some state of the art technology that no doubt doesn’t come cheap. But there are some takeaways that every business owner can begin implementing immediately that are sure to impress the tech savvy Soho shopper. SMS marketing is an incredibly easy and effective way to get started communicating with your customers. Equip boutique employees with a cutting edge, state of the art cell phone that they can use to not only send out regular SMS marketing texts, but also utilize Android and Apple pay, institute beacons and even look up in-store inventory without having to sit down at a computer.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 can do all this and has superior battery power for reliability throughout the workday. It’s also free and easy to snap pictures in-store of styling ideas to use for your social media content so customers are encouraged to make multiple purchases and can get excited about incorporating your clothing into their current wardrobe rotation. Pay attention to what your customers like. Do you get more likes on posts featuring your selection of boots? Feature them more and consider purchasing a large inventory next ordering season.