All You Can Drink Coffee in Soho

I am not proud to share this, but I spend over $150 a month on coffee.  I have been trying to find alternative solutions such as brewing my own coffee & tea or switching to water and haven’t been successful.

Two years ago I heard about an “All You Can Drink Coffee” club that was $25 for a month of unlimited coffees, lattes, cappuccinos and tea. And it was three blocks from my apartment. {It is called Fair Folks & a Goat} Danielle Coffee

Figuring the $25 investment would save me an additional $25 a month, I knew I had to try Fair Folks & a Goat and was one of their first 400 members.  While Fair Folks is primarily a design shop with unique gifts, they pay special attention to their coffee beans and roasting and I was a happy customer.

Fair Folks

Fair Folks & a Goat is located on Houston Street between West Broadway and Thompson, and was a pioneer in the “All You Can Drink Coffee” concept.  Fair Folks has added a second location in the East Village. Fair Folks

The “coffee club” trend is growing…I came across another unlimited coffee company called CUPS where you pay $45 a month for unlimited coffee and $85 for unlimited lattes and cappuccinos at more than just one coffee company.

While Fair Folks is the best deal around, their amazing concept is evolving. CUPS is an app for your phone and offers ~40 independent coffee shops around the city.  Their goal is eventually 200 coffee shops, the number of Starbucks in Manhattan.  Sydney, the Marketing Manager told me that the following Soho locations are participating:  

They have a map on their website that displays all active locations: CUPS Locations

Soho is the perfect test market for unlimited coffee shops – there are many start-ups and entrepreneurs who work in and around Soho during the week and are the prime target audience for coffee clubs.

Fair Folks and CUPS offer two different value propositions:  With Fair Folks, they focus on being a local neighborhood hangout spot.  And…you only need to visit 5 times in a month to make your membership worthwhile.  If you work in Midtown, CUPS seems to be a good value, where you can go before and during work to make the $85 investment worthwhile.

Click here to purchase a Fair Folks membership and here for CUPS


Have you heard about Fair Folks or CUPS?  Are you a member of either?  I would love to hear from you on Facebook, Twitter, or email me at [GARD]