“Central Perk” Pop-Up To Open September 17th!

“Central Perk” Pop-Up To Open September 17th!

The NY Post wrote last week about the upcoming celebration for the 10-year anniversary of the “Friends” series finale.  There will be a pop-up “Central Perk” themed coffee shop at 199 Lafayette in SoHo from September 17-October 18th.  I originally posted about the Central Perk pop up on the Soho Strut Facebook page last week and wanted to elaborate more this morning!

There will be free coffee from 8am-8pm weekdays and 10am-10pm on weekends.  In addition, other themed happenings have been planned such as guest appearances.  There will be related props and merchandise available for purchase.

I walked around SoHo yesterday to take a couple pictures of the store renovation in progress:

199 Lafayette Central Perk Pop-Up

Central Perk Pop-Up 199 Lafayette

They closed off the windows so you can’t see much, but there might be more progress over the next two weeks.  The pop-up shop is sponsored by Eight O’Clock coffee as an experiential marketing campaign.  Eight O’Clock coffee is owned by the parent company, Green Mountain Roasters and looks like they have re-branded, targeting a younger audience.

Its hard to believe that “Friends” first episode was Sept. 22, 1994.  I was 9 years old at the time but it seems like just yesterday!