Chobani Soho: Making Soho Chicer Since 2012

We all know that Soho is chic; but who would have guessed that Chobani, the greek yogurt company, would make yogurt chic?  Chobani has been making Soho chicer since 2012 (opened July 2012).

What makes Chobani chic?

  • Being the top selling brand of Greek yogurt in the country is chic
  • Having a bar in Soho is chic; having a yogurt bar in Soho is chicer
  • Having an executive chef prepare recipes each quarter for their yogurt “creations” is chic
  • All glass windows for maximum exposure in their corner flagship retail store is chic
Chobani Display Fig and Pine Nut

Chobani Display Fig and Pine Nut

I love getting breakfast at the Chobani Soho flagship at 150 Prince Street (@ West Broadway) on the weekends.  Chobani’s Communications Coordinator was nice enough to host me for a first year anniversary tasting where they put together a tasting of three top-selling creations and gave me a background on the store.

Chobani Soho Menu Cards

Chobani Soho Menu Cards

The most interesting to note is that you might even spot Hamdi Ulukaya, Chobani’s Founder & CEO, around the neighborhood or at the café, where he likes to bring his dogs and sit outside enjoying his favorite creation:  Blueberry + Power.

We tasted the following three creations {for their entire menu click here}:

  • Smoked Salmon + Dill: Smoked Salmon, Lemon Juice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coarse Salt, Pepper, and Fresh Dill, served with Bagel Chips
  • Pistachio + Chocolate: Turkish Pistachios, Dark Chocolate, Orange, Clover Honey, and Fresh Mint
  • Fig + Walnut: Dried Turkish Figs, Clover Honey, and Walnuts (Seasonal Creation Available Until Tuesday, 10/8)

They were also nice enough to let me take the following creations back to my apartment for breakfast the next day:

  • Blueberry + Power: Blueberries, Chia Seeds, Light Agave Nectar, and Walnuts
  • Peanut Butter + Jelly: Peanut Butter, Concord Grape Jelly, Red Grapes, and Peanuts
Danielle At Chobani Soho Taste Testing

Danielle At Chobani Soho Taste Testing

West Broadway on the weekends is perfect for people watching.  I recommend stopping in Chobani Soho, grabbing a yogurt creation, and sitting outside on the stoop outside of their café and people watching.

Store Hours:  Open Sun-Thu 8AM-9PM and Fri-Sat 8AM-10PM

Chobani Soho Outside

Chobani Soho Outside

Photo outside: Inside New York