ClassPass – Soho Fitness Classes

Ever move into a new neighborhood and not know where to work-out?  ClassPass launched last year and solves the problem:  for $99 a month, you can try 10 classes at gyms all across Manhattan (3 classes max per-studio).

Class Pass Live the Sweaty LifeClass Pass Logo

This week, ClassPass launched the “Unlimited Summer” special {Memorial Day to Labor Day} where you can go to as many classes as you want for the $99 per-month rate (the 3-class max per studio still applies).

Class Pass Unlimited Summer

Here’s a list of ClassPass studios in the Soho area:

Soho Strength Lab: This new strength training studio will help you bring your fitness game to the next level, whether you’re a beginner or athlete. Choose from 4 unique classes: speed, swoll, sweat and TRX training, each guaranteed to give you a good workout.

**I wrote “Sweat, Strut Repeat at Soho Strength Lab” here and take their group classes.  I have a built-in-forgetter when it comes to how hard these classes are.  This is my favorite studio on the list!

Soho Strength Lab Finished Gym

Soho Strength Lab Finished Gym

Exhale Soho: Exhale is known for their tough but fun barre classes which use low weights and high repetitions for class that sculpts the entire body.

**I wrote about the “Bravest Guy at Exhale Barre Class” here and have taken several classes at Exhale, normally after Exhale promotes a Groupon, Living Social or Gilt City special.  They have great class times in the evening.

Exhale Soho Workout Classroom

Barry’s Bootcamp (technically Tribeca):  Barry’s is a serious workout.  With 15-minute intervals on the treadmill and floor, the class flies by and you will push your body to its limit.

**I purchased a GiltCity starter pack to Barry’s Bootcamp since its four blocks from my apartment.  I loved these classes.  I never knew I could run on the treadmill faster than 6.0 miles per hour until taking these classes.

Barrys Bootcamp

Bikram Yoga Soho: Get ready to sweat in these heated yoga classes at this brand new downtown studio.

**I just got done with a month unlimited of classes here.  Their classes were never full (unlike the Bikram Lower East Side).  I wish they had better class times (which aren’t that great if you work a corporate job)

AKT Soho: Anna Kasier’s famous studio specializing in fun cardio dance classes.

**I have never taken classes here but this is now on the list!  Don’t think I can convince my boyfriend to cardio dance class, so I’ll make another friend come with me.

The Living Room: this gorgeous loft studio offers small classes specializing in GYROKINESIS and GYROTONIC

**I have never taken classes here but this is now on the list!

Aqua (technically Tribeca): New York’s first ever underwater cycling studio.

**I have seen these classes promoted on GiltCity and always wanted to try them.

In addition to these studios there’s also a bunch of studios in nearby neighborhoods as well. Check out this map for a list of all the studios currently on ClassPass

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Although I belong to Equinox, I am contemplating signing up for another month of ClassPass after all the new classes added to the roster.