Clean Up Soho – Walk-Through Update Scheduled 2/23!

Hello neighbors and friends,
Please share this message with others you know who are or may be interested in having cleaner streets in SoHo.
DSNY Community Outreach will be in SoHo on Thursday, visiting as many buildings/stores as possible to alert them to NYC laws and regulations regarding owners’/businesses’ responsibility to maintain clean sidewalks and gutters, and to educate them about Adopt-a-Basket/Sponsor-a-Basket programs.
If you are aware of a particular problem spot (corner/sidewalk/business/building), please e-mail your pics (include location/date) and comments to and by tomorrow.  This will help DSNY target the most urgent cases when they visit on Thursday
Even though Citibike is technically responsible for cleaning their stations, businesses and buildings can still be fined if they don’t clean up trash/litter in front of their establishments.  So if you hate the disastrous condition of neighborhood bike stations, don’t hesitate to send pics of those too.   
Now that we have DSNY’s attention, let’s try to make the most of this opportunity to work with them to clean up our streets.  Thanks everyone!