Sunday Funday In Crown Heights

I don’t leave SoHo often, but when I do, I try to write about it.  I walked to Canal Street (first stopping for an iced coffee) to the A, then to the 3 train to Franklin Avenue and explored Crown Heights.  While the prices in SoHo have increased 17% over the past 12 months, Crown Heights has gone up 40%.  I had to find out why…

I felt like I was in San Francisco – lots of rowhouses:


Places for brunch like Aita and Chavela.  Aita, an Italian restaurant, opened in March 2015 and is their second location (its original is in Clinton Hill).  Digging around, Aita used to be “Pacifico’s”.  Aita serves:

elegant, rustic, honest food that brings back traditional, nostalgic flavors, and also new inspired dishes from places we love

Chavela‘s is rated in the top 10 Mexican restaurants in NYC.

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Finally, I had to notice all the coffee shops, such as Nagles Bagels.  Nagles opened in February 2015 and was previously a cheese shop.  


My short time in Crown Heights calls for a second trip!