Dogs of Soho – Bruno

Name: Bruno (French Bulldog)

Occupation: Mascot for Village Tailor and Vince’s Cobbler Shop at 125 Sullivan Street.  Bruno has met several celebrities who get their clothing tailored at the Village Tailor.  Don’t miss the “celebrity” wall near the register.

Bruno Posing

Bruno Posing

Birthday / Age: Bruno is one and a half years old.  

Favorite Snack: Bruno isn’t picky…he loves all treats, however, the sweeter, the better.

Favorite Places to be Walked: Bruno loves the Soho Square Park which is located on 6th Avenue and Spring Street.  Chasing pigeons and watching people rent bicycles at the Citi Bike station keeps Bruno entertained.   The Thompson Street Park also known as Vesuvio Playground also is perfect for socializing with the people using the basketball & handball courts and the kids swimming in the outdoor pool and playground (for kids only).

Favorite Thing about Living in Soho: Bruno loves when other dog’s visit him at the Village Tailor:  he is very patient and personable and gets along with all dogs.  Although he has been on vacation for the past month, one of his best friends is Spot.  

Bruno Looking Outside of Village Tailor

Bruno Looking Outside of Village Tailor

Fun Facts:  Bruno is a service dog and walks/travels with the owner almost everywhere. Bruno also loves to play with Penny their cat and run after each other and play like two puppies.

Just moved into Soho?  Work in Soho?  Here are two tidbits about The Village Tailor:

  • Vince uses the latest technologies (re: emailed invoices, phone alerts when dry cleaning is ready for pick-up) for convenience. 
  • Isaiah, one of the employees, has been working for Vince for years and his father was also an employee.