Soho Strut Interviews: Dominique Ansel – 189 Spring Street

When Dominique Ansel Bakery opened up on Spring Street back in 2011, SoHo had no idea how popular of a destination it would become.  Being SoHo’s first and only neighborhood blogger, I had the opportunity to interview the Chef in August!

We talked about SoHo, Dominique’s typical day at the bakery, the *Cronut*, and the upcoming Dominique Ansel cookbook!  Check it out below!

When people from out of town ask for advice on where to go, as “hyped-up” as it is, waiting in the Cronut line is always on there!

Here at Soho Strut, we suggest waiting in line at 8:30am Monday or Tuesday morning {AKA the days the lines are the shortest} to minimize the wait time and maximize the chance of a Cronut.

People complain about the line, but just to let you all know…the Cronut is hand-made to order in batches of around 50 at a time.  Customer’s are waiting so the Bakery can provide the freshest ones.

Dominique Ansel Bakery - Cronut.png

Pastry Chefs Hand-Making Cronuts

Dominique Ansel Bakery Pastry Chef.png

Pastry Chefs Hand-Making Cronuts

You also have a better chance of *not* waiting in line for the chocolate chip cookie shot which is served after 3pm daily at the Bakery.

The Future Of Dominique Ansel

  • In early summer of 2015, Dominique will be opening his first international flagship in Tokyo in the Omotesando Hills area
  • Dominique recently launched a peanut-butter filled pretzel in the shape of a lobster…make sure to try it!

peanut butter lobster tail

  • Dominique Ansel’s book, The Secret Recipes, will be out October 2014.  You can pre-order here

Dominique Cookbook

Once you are in the Bakery, you can see the registers and display case.

Dominique Ansel Bakery 2.png


Display Case

Display Case

Further back is the prep counter:

Prep Counter

Prep Counter

All the way back is the patio – where customers can enjoy their coffee and pastries during the summer!

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