Don’t Ever Use New West Lake Laundromat!

It has been suggested to start posting “critical” reviews of local businesses in SoHo…here is why no one should use the New West Lake Laundromat!

One of the quirks about living in SoHo is that most of the older tenement apartments do not have laundry in the buildings.  I’ve been using the New West Lake Laundromat over the last 3.5 years, because:

  • They are open on Sundays (most aren’t)
  • The turn-around time is less than a day (if you drop it off by 12pm you can pick it up by 6pm)
  • They are open early (7am) and late (until 8pm)

But recently, New West Lake Laundromat has been either losing my {brand new} clothes or including other peoples {really old} clothes.

Over the past 5 times, I have received two peoples old/raggedy pajama pants, and they lost two brand new dresses, a pair of brand new pajama pants and a towel.  I will never be going back.

Every time recently this has happened they lie between their teeth with excuses:

  • When I noticed my brand new pajama pants were missing, New West Lake Laundromat miraculously “found” the dresses they had “lost” a month prior and said they were there the whole time.
  • When they “lost” my towel this last time, they made sure to tell my cousin picking up the load that “when she dropped off the laundry it was 14 pounds but after we washed, it was 13.5”.

I am on a mission now to find a new laundromat.  For those moving into the neighborhood, beware!!