Don’t f#*& Where You Live, Especially If You Live In Soho

The term “long-distance” in reference to dating* in Manhattan is different than the traditional sense.  Someone in Soho might consider dating someone in the Upper East Side (4.8 miles) to be long distance, and therefore, not even an option.  But what about someone in Soho dating someone in Soho?  Don’t f#*& Where You Live, Especially If You Live In Soho…

*Sohostrut defines the word dating very loosely:  this can range from a one-night stand, 1-3 dates, the beginning of a relationship, etc.

Soho is a very small community, and according to Zillow, 11,301 people live here.  This contrasts with nearby neighborhoods such as the Lower East Side: 85,418, the East Village: 68,863, Greenwich Village: 44,130 and the West Village: 23,884.  Soho is about 5% as big as other neighborhoods in Manhattan such as the Upper West and Upper East Sides, which have 204,629 and 191,649 residents, respectively.

In short, Soho is very small.  Below is a table of age distribution of the 11K residents.  After performing a re-calculation, there are around 6,900 people between the ages of 20-49, and about 25% are single, or 1,725.  That means the “pool” of eligible 20-49 year olds is around 860 males and 860 females…not a whole lot.

Soho Age and Relationship Status Statistics

Soho Age and Relationship Status Statistics

The number of residents is one of Soho’s best attributes as you get all the conveniences of location, and still feel like you are in a small town.  After living here for a few years, it feels even smaller.  On paper, living and dating someone in Soho has a lot of positives:  the morning after, you get to share coffee together at Once Upon A Tart, date nights consist of enjoying oysters at Aquagrill and Blue Ribbon, and after dinner, dessert and cappuccinos at The Dutch followed by a late night at The Room.  However, after things cease to exist, there is an extremely high chance of running into that person at least weekly:

1.  There are only 5 ways to walk east and west: Grand, Broome, Spring, Prince and Houston, most people using Spring and Prince Streets.

2.  People eat out – The majority of restaurants are on Spring, Prince, Thompson, Sullivan and West Broadway Streets.

3.  People work out – Most gyms are located off of Broadway or Varick Street

4.  People don’t have laundry in their buildings – Most use the wash & fold services and these are located mostly on Thompson and Sullivan Streets.

While it might sound like a lot of fun, the facts don’t lie–you WILL run into them so make the break-up cordial.

Map of Soho

Map of Soho