Why I Will Never Be Stepping Foot Into DTR Modern SoHo

I strive to be your neighborhood expert.  What would being a neighborhood expert mean if I couldn’t direct you to my favorite galleries…and my least favorite…DTR Modern.

Planning Art Strut was my excuse for learning about the culture, aesthetic and offering of each of the galleries.  I can now say I’ve stepped foot into every gallery in SoHo.  One of my surprise favorites was the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art.  There was an exhibit of censored art from around the world.  Highly recommend visiting if you are in the neighborhood!

I also learned about what it means to be a ‘non-profit’ gallery (there are 17 here in the neighborhood) as well as several galleries including LUMAS on Broome and West Broadway, that educate new collectors and help them build an art collection.

DTR Modern was by far the most unwelcoming gallery.  Not a single person said “hello” and welcomed me to the gallery.  Even after explaining the concept for Art Strut, me living in the neighborhood, and spearheading a community-wide art event, they were still un-amused.  I followed up with a friendly email, and still no response.  I finally followed up with a call, and the director Julia Morris told me to not call or email again.  She was shockingly rude, unwelcoming, and definitely contrasts the DTR Modern website:

DTR Modern Galleries works to build collections of corporate and private collectors ranging from new enthusiasts to serious connoisseurs. Our professional and well educated staff will gladly answer your questions by phone, e-mail or in person

I can honestly say that this blurb is 100% false and I recommend to NEVER set foot in their gallery.  Perhaps their other three locations are different?  Have you been to DTR Modern in SoHo?  What were your experiences?