The Gluten Free Crêpe – Eight Turn Crêpe

Although I’m a sucker for the plain old nutella and banana crêpes a la mode, I recently found out about a gluten-free crepêrie in Soho/Nolita called Eight Turn Crêpe.  Crêperies are a favorite {of mine} for Sunday night dessert. Eight Turn Crêpe in Soho is located at 55 Spring Street and serves both sweet and savory options.

Eight Turn Crepe Menu

Eight Turn Crepe Menu

While crêpes originate from Brittany, in Northwest France, their consumption is widespread in France, Belgium, Quebec and many parts of Europe.  The base ingredient for the “European” crêpe is wheat flour.  Eight Turn Crêpe uses rice flour dough for their Japanese take on the shell.  The rice flour makes it gluten-free and because the rice shell is a little sturdier, it allows more to be put into the crêpes.  See below for three of the crêpes from the menu:

  • The Shrimp Avocado with shrimp, avocado, wasabi tofu sauce along with baby spinach

Eight Turn Crepe Shrimp

  • The Eight Turn Lox, which combines lox with cream cheese, capers, red onions and spinach.

Eight Turn Crepe

  • The New York Blueberry Cheesecake layers blueberries along with a blueberry reduction, whipped cream cheese and vanilla gelato

Eight Turn Crepe Sweet

The ultimate Japanese street food from Harajuku to SoHo Eight Mile Crêpe is made from rice flour and filled with savory and sweet ingredients. For breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack, this Japanese-style beauty is easy on the eyes; easier on the palate. It’s a handheld meal that doubles as a work of art. A rice crêpe is strong, pliable, and beautifully adaptive. It makes a tasty salad, omelet, yogurt, lunch, dinner, or snack totally portable. Take a nibble—and transport yourself to Tokyo.

Ironically enough, there is another crêperie, “Vive La Crêpe” two doors down.  (I took a panoramic picture – Gatsby’s is in between Eight Turn Crêpe on the left and Vive La Crêpe on the right)

Eight Turn Crepe - Vive La Crepe

There is definitely room for more dessert places – this area has become a hotbed of dessert and sweet treateries, with Rice to Riches nearby as well.

Have you been to either Eight Turn Crêpe or Vive La Crêpe?  Let me know what you thought via Facebook, Twitter, or email me at [GARD]