Keeping It In The Family – Eva Shaw Designs

We all know that Soho does not need another Nail Salon….and the vacant store that once held neighborhood dive bar / outcast The Red Bench in July 2013 has been transformed (after an extensive renovation) into a handcrafted jewelry store called Eva Shaw Designs which opened around October 2013.  I was invited to an event at Eva Shaw Designs on April 3, 2014, and will be writing about future events they will be hosting on SOHOstrut.

Eva Shaw Designs

Curious about the company, I emailed Eva Shaw and learned that the idea to open a jewelry store originated when Eva, a jewelry designer with a graduate degree from the GIA, and her daughter Liz, with a degree in Art History, began purchasing rare stones and making jewelry for themselves.  Slowly, friends started asking them to make them custom designs.  Over the next few years, what started as a hobby, developed into a growing small business.

Eva Shaw and DaughterLiz

Eva Shaw and DaughterLiz

What originally started in-house transitioned to a small shared space in Noho called 12 Lions Studio at 684 Broadway in April 2012.  They had a lot of success, especially during the 2012 Holiday Season.  However, they learned that the building would be closing, and Eva and Liz decided to set up their own store.

Eva Shaw Gemstones

Eva Shaw Bracelets

When I spoke with Eva, finding the perfect location was time consuming.  When they started working with brokers, most of the spaces they were shown were in areas of the West Village and Nolita that didn’t have a lot of foot traffic.

When they saw the ~450 square foot space at 107 Sullivan Street, although it needed a major renovation, the street traffic was consistent and so the two decided to open their first solo store.

They create experiential marketing programs within their store.  At the event I attended, there was a portrait painter, manicurist, beer from the City Winery, Beauty PR (beautypress), and Vegan Snacks (Divine Foods).  I could have kept myself entertained for hours (which I practically did).

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