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After only just the 1st of 6 #soho zoning meetings and @newyorkyimby announced the new renderings for 430 West Broadway from @morrisadjmiarchitects which is a proposed 7 story mixed use of residential, community facility and retail uses.

Any new zoning changes poses risk to the parking lots, one and two story buildings that exists in several areas across the neighborhood. However residents and landmark officials might have less of a say...if you’re interested in getting involved reach out to us or rsvp to the next meeting at

On a bright note, the building looks nicer than the existing one. @ SoHo, Manhattan

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The two successes of tonight’s #soho #Noho zoning meeting:
1. Seeing so many familiar faces from the community
2. Coconut sticky buns

Items for improvement for future meetings:
1. Having an agenda, microphone & seating
2. The New York City planning committee should be less hostile to residents if they truly want our input.

After the event, there are lots of rumors that Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to put zoning changes on the fast track before his term ends and try to increase affordable housing...but no one is saying how...

The reality is that Soho and Noho have the highest square footage of affordable housing in NYC. A higher proportion of residents who live here are rent stabilized or have been living here so long they wouldn’t be able to afford to live here today.

In my co-op, over half of the apartments fall into the “affordable” category. 25% are rent controlled yet my building pays $150,000 in property taxes and we don’t get any tax breaks for providing the housing.

As a member of the soho community for the past 8 years I’ve never felt like my thoughts, ideas and concerns need to be voiced more now than ever. @ SoHo, Manhattan

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The future of #soho zoning discussions start tonight at 6:15pm at 136 Baxter Street. Buildings like the one behind me and several others are at risk for being developed and soho could potentially lose the contextual architecture that makes it one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the world. RSVP to be kept in the loop at and we will see you later 👋 @ SoHo, Manhattan ...

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Super proud of today’s SoHo Retail Breakfast featuring DaliaStrum who presented about “The Power of Influence” at Rebecca Minkoff.

We learned how building trust is one of the most important character traits to have a long lasting relationship with clients. We also learned that building awareness should be top of mind if your brand is focusing on building a loyal customer base.

Thanks to Shoott for the beautiful photos and @stephanieannstyling for helping put it all together!! @ SoHo, Manhattan

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