Helpful Hints When Running In Your First NYC Race!

Just got back from Central Park for the God’s Love We DeliverRace To Deliver” 5K!

God’s Love We Deliver is a SoHo-based non-profit that delivers meals to sick families and individuals.  Their headquarters on Spring street are currently undergoing a renovation but should be completed in 2015.

Race to deliver after the race

In Summary:  It was such a rush!  There were over 7,000 people that were racing today!  After chatting with some of the more experienced runners, they said some of the races have into the 15,000’s!

While it was nerve-wracking to participate alone, here are some of the tips that I learned today!

  • Take the train…you’re bound to meet someone who is more experienced in races. Make sure to sit next to them and casually ask, “are you running in the race?”
  • Make sure the trains are running…the C/E wasn’t running uptown from Spring street which caused a 10-minute delay to walk to West 4th street
  • Follow your new train friend to the race site – they know the short-cuts!
  • Get your badge & number – they organize alphabetically by last name.
  • Get your t-shirt – and put it on among all the layers (I wore 5 layers!)
Badge and T-Shirt

Badge and T-Shirt

  • Get the safety pins to attach the number to your outfit.
  • Look for the big groups to followGramercy Tavern and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society “Moms In Training” were the easiest to spot
  • Get in line! – there were 7,999 spaces and my number was 6,536.  I put on my registration that I ran a 10-minute mile (so those who were numbered higher than me said they ran slower)
  • GO!

I was nervous to check my time, but my goal was to run the entire 4-miles in less than 12 minutes per mile.  I was successful!

Race to deliver official time

I treated myself to a coffee and a muffin on the ride back downtown.  Hopefully other’s in the neighborhood will join me next year!

Were you at the race today supporting this local non-profit?  I would love to hear on Facebook, Twitter, or email at!