Flex Studios Kicks My Butt!

I signed up for ClassPass a few months ago and after running out of my standard studios decided to check out Flex Studios in Noho.

Flex Studios offers three types of small group workouts:  Pilates, Barre, TRX & combination classes that incorporate all three. The classes are fast-paced, form-focused, full-body workouts led by top notch, highly trained, & qualified instructors.

They even have a cute elevator entrance:

IMG_0537 IMG_0539

The images really get you pumped up for class!

I’ve been taking the barre classes which are super cardio and core based.  I end up sweating a ton and always forget a towel!  They don’t have towels anywhere in the studio, so I just suck it up for the hour and get super sweaty!

Definitely worth trying – they have a first time class rate for $25 if you aren’t on ClassPass.