The Homeless Of Soho – Are They Really Homeless?

I think it finally became socially acceptable to talk about the homeless in Soho after CBS Local reported on November 3rd that local residents have seen an increase in homeless here.  CBS even included a photo from popular homeless destination Vesuvio Playground.

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While I have heard from a few residents that they in fact have seen an increase in the homeless, I still personally feel that we have relatively few compared to other tourist-heavy destinations like Times Square.  And our homeless are pretty consistent.  We have had the same ones for over 5 years.  So much so that I prefer to think they have homes, just prefer to work outside versus an office.

My top 3 favorite “homeless” people:

  1. The Asian garbage bag man on Spring and Thompson
  2. The “Help The Homeless” man on Prince and Broadway (South East corner)
  3. The Bird Brothers and their Cronut antics


My top 3 least favorite “homeless” people:

  1. The two hippies with dirty dogs who walk up and down Broadway
  2. The veteran with a small drug problem on Broadway and Broome
  3. The morning breakfast beggar on Prince and Sullivan

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