Second Day Of Filming “How Do You SoHo Strut?” Video!

July 12th marked the second day of filming for the “How Do You SoHo Strut?” video!  If you want to read more about the first week, click here.  My videographer Kelsea and I got more creative with the strutters and completed a few interesting interviews as well.

The 16 Handles interview was my favorite of the day (it was also one of the last ones we did, so you can tell I was more comfortable in front of the camera!)

As a re-cap, I am trying to capture the “SoHo Strut” in a unique and memorable way by connecting with Owners, Managers, and PR Companies in SoHo to “strut” in front of their storefronts in a video montage.  I should have over 50 struts by the time I’m finished!

Here is how I SoHo Strut!

Danielle Headshot 2

After hitting 15 businesses on July 5th, we completed 22 struts on July 12!  I want to thank the following businesses for participating.  The final round will take place towards the end of July and I’m finalizing a list of 15 more businesses!

  1. L’Atelier Rouge
  2. Jacks Wife Freda
  3. Vivienne Hu
  4. Spring Studio
  5. 16 Handles
  6. MiN New York
  7. Thompson Chemists
  8. Salud
  9. Dosa
  10. The Hat Shop
  11. Juice Press
  12. Flos
  13. Rouge
  14. Les Petits Chapelais
  15. Sullivan Frames
  16. Savore
  17. Chalk Point Kitchen
  18. Thompson Nails
  19. Harrys
  20. Comodo
  21. 12 Chairs
  22. Cole Haan

There were so many interesting facts I learned Saturday, July 12, 2014.  Some of the highlights:

  • While most New Yorker’s wake up after 12pm on the weekends, Jack’s Wife Freda has loyal patrons!  I crown the restaurant “most crowded NYC brunch location at 10am”.  By 10am, the entire restaurant was already packed!
  • Thanks to Linda Pagan of The Hat Shop, I learned that Thompson Street is the only street in NYC that for 6 blocks (Canal to Bleecker) is entirely made up of locally-owned stores (there are no chain stores!)
  • 16 Handles participates in many SoHo community events such as volunteering at the Elizabeth Street Garden and is interested in participating in experiential marketing events in and around SoHo.
  • Harry’s, in addition to being a local barbershop, has an online men’s shave club where you receive their German engineered brand of razors which are about half the price of local convenience store prices.

I look forward to the final night of filming!  We have a lot of big names on the list and are willing to add if you know other businesses interested in participating.  I would love to hear via Facebook, Twitter or email me at [GARD]