First Day Of Filming “How Do You SoHo Strut?” Video

The SoHo Strut is something you can only witness when being in SoHo.  People have an air of confidence when they walk around the cobblestone streets.  I wanted to capture the SoHo Strut in a unique and memorable way so went on a mission over the past month to re-create it as publicity for my website. I hired a videographer (thanks Kelsea!) who also took my headshots for my press kit.  Here is a picture of me basking in the SoHo Sunset:

Danielle Nazinitsky Headshot

I began emailing and calling SoHo flagships to schedule times for each of the owners/managers to “strut” outside their storefronts and combine each of them into a video montage. July 5th was the first day of filming the “How Do You SoHo Strut?” Video!  We ended up with 15 businesses in total and 6 interviews. I want to thank the following businesses for participating.  Next Saturday, July 12, we will be hitting the streets and already have around 20 more strutters lined up!

  1. Equinox
  2. Soho Strength Lab
  3. Osteria Morini
  4. Papabubble
  5. Lululemon
  6. Sweaty Betty
  7. Alex + Ani
  8. Lik Gallery
  9. Ground Support
  10. Faherty Brand
  11. Second Time Around
  12. Blue Ribbon
  13. Palmer Trading
  14. Arturo’s
  15. Fair Folks & A Goat

There were so many things I learned yesterday.  Some of the highlights:

  • Every item at Alex + Ani is blessed by a Shaman
  • Osteria Morini might open up another restaurant right next door to their current location (still in the works)
  • Fair Folks recently opened up their second location in the East Village where you can get all you can drink coffee for $25 per month
  • Faherty Brand is the new kid on the block – only being open for a few months, they are vertically integrated in more ways than one (their store is a triplex – with design and headquarters each on a different floor).

I look forward to next weekend where even more businesses will be participating!  Do you know any businesses who might be interested in participating?  I would love to hear via Facebook, Twitter or email me at [GARD]