IBM Copies Amazon With Soho Pop Up Thats Not Actually In Soho

PR Newswire announced the opening of the “IBM Bluemix Garage” which will promote IBM’s Cloud APIs.

IBM Bluemix Garages Fuel Innovation with IBM Cloud


IBM Bluemix Garages serve as a hub where developers, product managers and designers can come together to build on Bluemix, IBM’s cloud platform.

The newest Garage will help spur innovation via:

Business Development: Combining enterprise expertise, agile methods, and IBM Design Thinking, a unique process to design, build and deploy, Garage consultants help clients to refine, iterate on and deliver a business idea into an app.

Hybrid Cloud Integration: Tapping IBM Cloud’s hybrid and open platform, Garage consultants help companies move existing data workloads to the cloud, lowering cost and adding enhancements, as well as connecting existing systems and data into new cloud apps.

Speeding App Development: Through the Garage’s expertise in agility, extreme programming, DevOps and more, Garage consultants help businesses significantly reduce the time it takes to design and build new services, applications or products.

Skills Development: Equipping development teams with the skills and expertise needed on Bluemix, Garage teams help businesses to rapidly scale cloud capabilities and implement agile development.

The garage is located at 315 Hudson Street, in Hudson Square.  Other well-established companies that are trying to target millennials like Cadillac have also opened up locations in Hudson Square (“Cadillac House“).

IBM is trying to reach more millennials first with their new Astor Place offices in 2014 (which relocated from Seattle) and now with this “Garage”.

My personal opinion:

  • Why did IBM have to literally copy Amazon (Amazon Web Services opened in November 2015 at 350 West Broadway)
  • But in a worse location (Opening on Hudson Street is significantly less expensive than West Broaday)
  • IBM should have tried to out-do the Amazon location (re:  Prime Soho Foot Traffic Areas On Spring And Prince!!)
  • Why would IBM want to be located near Cadillac (also located on Hudson Street).