Top 6 Things To Do In Soho – January 2016

While I’ve been living in Soho over 5 years, I still like to act like a tourist occasionally!  Here are some fun things to try during the rest of January and into February!

1.  Breakfast at Sadelle’s – 463 West Broadway:

This morning my brother flew in from Columbus, Ohio for a work trip and we went to Sadelle’s for the first time.  I was hesitant to go because Sadelle’s doesn’t advertise prices online so I assumed it would be expensive!  It was $20 each for what I would typically pay $14 for at Russ & Daughters {take-out}.  The ambiance and location of Sadelle’s was well worth a 40% markup.  My friend loves the sticky buns but I haven’t tried them.  Definitely a cute spot for a weekday breakfast.  I think their brunch is pretty packed so I would stay away unless you make a reservation.

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2.  A Pilates Class At Wundabar Pilates – 21 Thompson:

Wundabar is popular in California and they just opened up their first location in NYC.  I was fortunate to try the “2 Weeks 2 Wunda” which is a set of 14 classes that you take each day.  What I loved is that each day we pretty much did new series of workouts with the machine.  The first week I woke up sore in new places every morning!  By the end, I definitely felt stronger in my core and arms.  I would definitely go back!


3.  Setting Your Intention At Athleta – 121 Wooster!

I got to set my intention at Athleta!  I liked the idea and they have a cute vintage polaroid camera to photograph you in the window!


4.  The Soho Memory Project @ Judd Museum – 101 Spring Street

There is a traveling memory museum of what it was like to live in Soho during the 1970’s and 80’s currently at the Judd Museum!  Here are photos from last weeks event at the New York Public Library’s Jersey Street location in Nolita!  The exhibit will be traveling to four non-profit galleries throughout 2016!

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5.  Seasonal Succulents From The Sill – 84 Hester

All of my succulents that I originally purchased from Trader Joe’s died (I keep my apartment very hot and dry) I wanted to re-stock with high end succulents.  The Sill is a cute plant shop that has small to large succulents in all shapes and sizes and pots.  I thought their pots were expensive so I used the ones they came in and my own!


6.  Coffee Hangout At Cafe Henrie – 110 Forsyth

Even though its technically Chinatown, I visited Cafe Henrie which is a very relaxed vibe and had coffee.  I would definitely recommend!!


Do you recommend any other spaces in the area?  Let me know at!