You Can Now Get La Colombe Coffee At 5 Places ON THE SAME BLOCK!

Todd Carmichel, the founder of La Colombe, is a GENIUS.  By working with local cafe’s and coffee shops, La Colombe coffee has a monopoly in Soho.

With a recent investment from Chobani (rumors of a $28M investment last year that Chobani’s founder Hamdi Ulukaya is the sole investor) La Colombe has been expanding all over Manhattan, but especially their footprint in Soho.

You can get La Colombe coffee at five (5!) different locations on the same block (Prince Street between West Broadway and Thompson):

  1. Vesuvio Bakery / Birdbath Bakery (160 Prince)


  1. Joe And The Juice (161 Prince)


  1. Rapha Cycling (159 Prince)


  1. Chobani Soho (152 Prince)


  1. La Colombe (154 Prince)


If you know any other cafes or stores that serve La Colombe, let me know at