Live Your Best Life: Collaborate, with lululemon Re-Cap

Last night, around 100 or so of us so called “COLLABORATORS” met at the Soho House as part of a series on Living Your Best Life (#LYBL).

Live Your Best Life

The event was presented by lululemon athletica and Live in the Grey in the Library:

Soho House Library

The premise of living in the grey is to challenge the way we all think about work.

We’re starting to demand more from our career — more purpose, more meaning, more fun. We crave the vibrancy that comes from blending our personal and professional lives. People are happiest—and most successful—when the lines between work/life, personal/professional, black/white are blurred.

The founder of Live in the Grey is Maneesh Goyal, who also owns a very successful experiential marketing company, MKG, located in SoHo (and an office in LA).  I learned about MKG after visiting a Docker’s brand pop-up shop last September!

Dockers Pop-Up Custom Khaki Bar

Ever since September 2013, I have been on a mission to meet Maneesh to tell him about the community I am building in SoHo.  Last night, it finally happened!

Danielle With Maneesh

When I quit my job as an accountant last month to pursue real estate and community building initiatives, I didn’t know one month later I would be in the same room as one of the people who inspired me to “Live in the Grey”.

Live in the Grey

The premise is:

  • Fear can be defeated
  • Risk makes life remarkable
  • Work can feel like play
  • You can live what you love

I look forward to continue sharing my progress on community building in SoHo!