Margherita NYC Special Week January 24-28, 2018 At 197 Grand Street

One of my favorite Italian restaurants in Little Italy is Margherita.  Its located at 197 Grand Street between Mott & Mulberry and the chef is Giuseppe Costa.  The menu is from Southern Italy and they are doing a special dinner from January 24-28th.

There will be a 4 course, wine-paired dinner menu for only $100 (tax and tip not
included) of:

Baccala al vapore, patata schiacciata, zuppetta di pesce e germogli di verdure (Steamed baccala, crushed potato, fish soup and vegetable sprouts)

Paired with Alcamo DOC Grillo – Bioviola *

Tortello ripieno di mozzarella, salsa di pomodoro, spuma di basilico e melanzana (Tortello filled with mozzarella, tomato sauce, basil and eggplant foam)
Paired with Nozze d’oro DOC Contea di Sclafani – Tasca d’Almerita *

Guanciale di vitello al Nero d’Avola, crema di ceci e insalatone di cavolo cappuccino (Veal cheek with Nero d’Avola, chickpea cream and cabbage-enriched salad)
Paired with Riserva del Conte DOC Contea di Sclafani – Tasca d’Almerita *

Nuvola di cassata (Cloud of cassata – traditional Sicilian sponge cake)


Reservations can be made through our website “Book Now” or via email at or by phone at 212-226-8391.


From Wednesday, Jan. 24, through Sunday, Jan. 28 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM


From Wednesday, Jan. 24, through Sunday, Jan. 28 from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM


Born in Alcamo (Sicily) in 1982, Giuseppe Costa started at an early age in his career working closely with Heinz Beck at his restaurant ‘Maremma’. After that, he landed on the Amalfi coast at the “Rosselinis” [two Michelin stars] with chef Pino Lavarra where he stayed for two seasons. Then he moved to Trento to work at ‘Scrigno del Duomo’ restaurant as first chef of Alfredo Chiocchetti and Alajmo. He moved, then, to Milan to collaborate with chef Carlo Cracco at his homonymous restaurant [two Michelin stars]. In 2009 at Circolo di Savoia in Naples he won the award as Southern Italy’s Emerging Chef. And finally, on November 4, 2014 he received his first Michelin star.


At Margherita NYC our concept is simple: we strive to turn your quintessential basic Italian dish into something unique and memorable. We absolutely pride ourselves in quality and consistency. Our namesake, the Margherita, is thought of as a simple cheese pie. Well, we beg to differ. We have taken this pie, which stands as the base for almost all our other pies, and have studied and perfected it. A Margherita is not just dough, sauce, cheese, basil and olive oil. The pie is a blend of love, care, and attention to detail above all. Either imported or locally sourced, all our ingredients are selected for their quality and authenticity. Simply put, if you care about your food, people will take notice. At Margherita NYC just about everything we make, from our classic lasagna to our delicious tiramisu, is made in house.