MatchPad Launch Party @ Prince Street Lofts

I was invited by two people in real estate to the MatchPad launch party at the Prince Street Lofts Wednesday night (the same venue as where the Secret Speakeasy’s are).  Here is a picture of me and my friend (and fabulous Citi-Habitats salesperson) Leigh at the event!


MatchPad seeks to solve the problem of finding roommates in large, urban cities.  They have developed a matching technology, similar to a dating site, that connects people based on lifestyle choices, personality, budget and location.  Calling it a “reverse rental search” they also host weekly meetups to meet potential roommates in person.

The start-up was founded by the owner of local establishment, Wicked Willys, where MatchPad operates during weekdays (one of the founders said, “whats not to love about having happy hour every night at 5pm?”)

Thinking about my first two years in NYC with roommates, I remember how hard it was finding a roommate!  Being from the Midwest, I wanted an elevator, doorman, and bedroom large enough for a queen-sized bed.

My friend from college tried to “set me up” with his friend Kate who was looking for a “cheap and in a good location” apartment.  Unfortunately our needs/wants didn’t align and we didn’t live together.

I ended up living with someone I met interviewing for my job (we had more of the same needs/wants).

While the website is still in beta mode, it seems like MatchPad is trying to solve a gap in the real estate world.  They are signing up landlords and rental brokers to their platform with the hopes they can direct their highly vetted clients in their direction.

The event was pretty cool!  Check out the view from the roof!

Matchpad outside Matchpad sky vie

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