June 24th Soho Retail Network Breakfast @ Molton Brown

I’m excited to announce the next Soho Retail Network breakfast is Friday, June 24th from 8-10:30am at Molton Brown.  Tickets are $15 and include breakfast – RSVP at Soho.Splashthat.com.  The topic is “Building Customer Loyalty Through Loyalty Programs” with a leading consulting firm Farenheit 212!

My Invitation

Here are some of the topic points:

Loyalty is not just a luxury for businesses. It’s an imperative. Loyalty can become a powerful driver of profitable growth for years to come. The key is to recognize that there is a big difference between human loyalty and corporate loyalty programs.

Most loyalty programs end up being costly investments that don’t deliver the necessary ROI. The average customer is enrolled in 13.3 programs, up from 10.9 programs in 2014.  However they are only active with an average of 6.7 programs. Compared to previous years, people are enrolling in more loyalty programs but actually using fewer of them.

Fahrenheit 212 Principles of Loyalty

See you there!