Check Out The Awesome Music Line-Up For Art Strut!

I am happy to officially announce the bands I’ve booked for three of the main galleries:  LIK, LUMAS and Martin Lawrence, as well as for the Pop-Up gallery featuring 3 artists and silent art auction to benefit ACE Programs For the Homeless!

Gallery hop down West Broadway from 6-8pm between Martin Lawrence, LIK and LUMAS and the other 17 galleries open for ART STRUT.  Purchase a ticket to the pop-up gallery from 7-10pm at 28 Wooster Street featuring Cat Cat Cat, KT Mulholland and Lily Lane!

  • Benny Oyama will be performing at Martin Lawrence Gallery at 547 West Broadway


  • Janna Pelle will be performing at LIK Gallery at 419 West Broadway

Janna Pelle is the love child of Fiona Apple and Lady Gaga with the alter-ego of David Byrne.


  • La La Lush will be performing at LUMAS Gallery at 362 West Broadway

La La Lush brings an old-school intensity to the modern pop music scene. Their sound binds the past with the present, while adding an exciting taste of the future. Blending heavy guitar riffs, syncopated funk rhythms, and the soulful touch of a raspy-pop female vocalist, La La Lush’s eclectic sound has captivated the attention of the music industry and music lovers alike.


The line-up for the pop-up gallery is also very exciting!:

The stage is where I leave my heart. When I am there I am free. Music is what drives me and makes me whole. Art and making music has defined who I am and has become and everyday I strive to make sure who I am is someone who makes the world a better place for all of us.


Lily Lane has the voice and ambition of a music business veteran, however Lane herself is only 21 years old. Fresh out of high school in 2010, she left her hometown of Boston, MA and headed to New York City to pursue music full time. Pounding the pavement in NYC, Lily has proved herself from headlining acoustic shows at The Bitter End to belting out the National Anthem for the Knicks at MSG


Come to SoHo this Thursday for a night of celebrating the arts!  For more information, go to!