There is #NoShameInASelfie – Nordstrom Rack In Soho, NYC

Over this past weekend, the #ShopGenius street team was set up in Soho on Spring Street and Mercer!  The #ShopGenius team works to promote Nordstrom Rack in cities where Nordstrom Rack is opening new stores or wants to create awareness of stores already opened.  There is #NoShameInASelfie – Nordstrom Rack In Soho, NYC.

Nordstrom Rack Bus

There is a Nordstrom Rack in Union Square which is a 20-minute walk from Soho and another Nordstrom Rack that opened on Fulton Street in Brooklyn May 1, 2014.  My guess is the #ShopGenius team knew that their best bet of meeting as many shoppers as possible was targeting Soho.  Maybe the street team was heading over to Brooklyn after hanging out for the afternoon in Soho?

I got to tour the cute little vintage bus and take a picture with the street team!  {Calling themselves #ShopGenius seems like a play off the Apple Genius Bar}

Soho Strut on Nordstrom Bus

Soho Strut with Nordstrom Street Team

Soho Strut with Nordstrom Street Team

The street team was handing out free sunglasses and coupons for $5 off $50 or more purchases.  a 10% discount didn’t really excite me too much so I threw out the coupon at the end of the street (shh!!)  The sunglasses also didn’t compete with the RETROSUPERFUTURE’S that I was wearing so I didn’t come home with any of those either.

With a Nordstrom opening in 2018 on West 57th street near Columbus Circle, maybe Soho will be seeing more of the #ShopGenius street team.

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