Once Upon A Tart To Close August 23, 2014

There has been a lot of chatter on Sullivan Street after a sign was posted outside of Once Upon A Tart:


In summary, after 23 years, Once Upon A Tart is being forced to close its doors on August 23, 2014 (the date on the sign is incorrect) because the request for a wine and beer license made in July 2014 was denied (you can read more here, here and here).

There is a petition being filled out at Once Upon A Tart where community members can sign to try and save the store.  Other locals are getting people to sign the petition in the street as well.

Soho Strut met with Jerome, the owner of Once Upon A Tart on August 18, 2014 to hear and present his side of the story. In short:

  • Jerome was never planning on leaving – he would have held the trademark and Once Upon A Tart name
  • The members of the Community Board 2 and Sean Sweeney/SoHo Alliance (he is the only member) have never been patrons of his business
  • When Once Upon A Tart was opened 23 years ago, there were very few businesses on the block:  Joe’s Dairy, Pinos Prime Meats and a jewelry store.  Had Jerome applied for a liquor license then, it would have been easier to be approved.
  • The political environment in the neighborhood has changed, its become more resistant to SLA licenses.

Here are what some of the community members are saying about the impending closure:

As a local resident for 15 years and operating a small business for the past 10 in SoHo, I can relate to Jerome’s predicament as I too struggle to maintain profitability.

Once Upon A Tart is a rare place where writers, artists and neighbors can come to meet for coffee & a muffin and talk.  And to know its owned by Jerome, an independent business, means even more.  Once it closes, you’ll never see something like it again in this neighborhood.  I’ve met so many people through here.  Its like the living room we don’t have and will be sorely missed.


If you want to show your support, make sure to stop by “The Tart” and sign the petition (and grab a summer berry scone–they are delicious!)


What do you think about the upcoming closure of Once Upon A Tart?  I would love to hear via Facebook, Twitter, or email me at Danielle@sohostrut.com.