Pirch Quickly Became One Of My Favorite Stores In Soho

There have been several articles published over the past few weeks about Pirch and I hesitated visiting because no one reached out from their PR department inviting me to their store opening event.  Over the weekend, I ended up buckling and was pleasantly greeted by an associate who offered a variety of beverages from iced tea, coffee, and lemonade.  After ordering an iced tea, I walked around and had one of the most enjoyable shopping experiences.  {You can read more about the company here}

PIRCH provides premium lifestyle products to the professional and retail community in a world-class environment. PIRCH showrooms have been nationally recognized for the distinctly unique, full-immersion experience they offer clients seeking the finest in kitchen, laundry, and outdoor appliances as well as decorative plumbing fixtures.

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The store is divided into three levels:

  • The lower level includes many bathroom fixtures and there is a whole section devoted to shower heads.  Pirch will even let you visit the store off-hours in a bathing suit to try out the shower heads.
  • The main level includes accessories and finished kitchens.  On the weekends, the store hosts cooking classes.
  • The upper level has appliances for kitchens sorted out and a few other model kitchens.

Over 6 associates greeted me on my visit, and the iced tea was freshly brewed and flavorful.  I will definitely be back!

A little about the building:

General Growth Properties purchased 200 Lafayette street in 2013:

The 7-floor boutique warehouse at 200 Lafayette Street, erected in 1896, has been a real estate investors dream in recent years, doubling or tripling its owners money. DeveloperCIM Group, along with Jared Kushner, bought the building in 2011 from the Zaccaro family for $50 million (the Zaccaros had purchased the building for about $20 million in 2006). CIM and Kushner then spent millions to redevelop the old buildings interior, with the hope of making it an attractive destination for businesses looking for posh SoHo lofts. The renovated office space lured in JCPenney, which had leased the entire building for a couple years until pulling out of all but one of the floors, and Greek yogurt-maker Chobani. In 2013 the building was then sold for $150 million to real estate investment trust General Growth Properties, known primarily for its holdings in malls across the country. In 2015,General Growth Properties began shopping the property yet again (though it planned to keep the ground-level retail floor) for roughly $120 million.