Planning Art Strut: SoHo’s {Largest Ever} Community Arts Event!

After planning the Fitness Expo in December and January, I was on a mission to create a large-scale community arts event, Art Strut.

Over the past 3 months, I have:

  • Created a comprehensive website,, which includes a database of all art galleries, studio artists, and street artists working and living in the neighborhood. also has a RSVP page to attend Art Strut 2015, which is May 7, 2015.

Art Strut website

  • Created all public relations materials including:  press release, proposals for art gallery participation, proposals for sponsorships, venue space, musicians, liquor, etc, etc!
  • Created a list of all galleries in SoHo – also check out our list on (will eventually be updated!)

Art Galleries

  • Partnered with local organization ACE Programs for the Homeless, to host a silent auction of works donated to them over the years, with all proceeds going to their charity.
  • Met countless {super successful} artists in the neighborhood – what a treat!

Studio Artists

  • Toured almost all of the galleries in the neighborhood – there are close to 50 here!
  • Partnered with Shimmer to digitally activate all participating galleries on their platform

Tickets are $25 and support local businesses here in SoHo.

We’re excited to be putting on this large scale event to showcase all of SoHo’s wonderful artists and galleries. As a reminder, the event will take place on Thursday, May 7th from 6:00- 10:00 pm beginning with a two hour tour of the galleries in SoHo, followed by a pop-up gallery, curated art show and silent auction to benefit ACE Programs for the Homeless.

We are hoping to get as many galleries in the neighborhood involved as possible those galleries who participate as an elevated sponsor will be on the official ‘Art Strut’ guided tour, featured on the glossy A5 map, and have wine and beer flights at each gallery, as well as musicians!