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A window display with the promise of a “Spam Lunch Free” was advertised on Grand Street between Thompson and West Broadway in Soho on August 7, 2013.  This artistic display was created by David Horvitz, a watercolor painter and photographer & Taeyoon Choi, an artistic technologist.  In collaboration, the performance art exhibit was created as part of the finale of In Search of a Longitude, David’s two-month exhibition at Recess.

Spam Lunch at Recess  - Photo by Taeyoon Choi

Spam Lunch at Recess
- Photo by Taeyoon Choi

Prepping for Spam Lunch Project - Photo by Taeyoon Choi

Prepping for Spam Lunch Project – Photo by Taeyoon Choi

In Search of A Longitude incorporated themes such as synchronicity of time and constructed notions of time (such as Greenwich Mean Time).  The inspiration stemmed from David’s installation at Art Basel earlier this year depicting sunrise and sunset at the same point in time, where David was filming the sunrise from the Maldives and his mother was filming the sunset from Los Angeles.

Over the course of the next two months, the evolution of the project transformed in a series of twists and turns, starting with a collaboration with Penelope Umbrico, who provided images from websites such as e-bay of used (second-hand) plants financial institutions were trying to sell to raise money during the financial crisis in 2009.  The notion of the “unwanted” plant played on “Depressed, Sad People“, a book published by David in 2012 focusing on self-created stock photography of conveyed emotions of depression and sadness.  While on-site, David performed a reverse image search on one of these pictures and over the past year was discovered being used around the world as a way to convey depression.

Inside Recess at the End of the Exhibition

Inside Recess at the End of the Exhibition

Recess is a contemporary art gallery/studio that is located at 41 Grand Street in Soho between Thompson and West Broadway.  Recess is both a studio and exhibition space and is free and open to the public.  Public hours in Soho are Tuesday – Saturday 12-6; Thursday 2-8.  Their mission is to create an approachable environment that promotes valuable visual and intellectual interactions.  Artists showcasing their work successfully completed a rigorous application process.  The current application deadlines are March 2014 (meaning they are currently booked 9 months in advance).

Outside Recess at Night

Outside Recess at Night

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