Restaurant Review: Root & Bone

Oh, Soho. I love you, I really do. But sometimes it’s nice to get away, ya know? I ventured outside of my Soho bubble for some brunch action over the weekend, and I left with a belly full of good food and a renewed appreciation for my beloved neighborhood.


Photo courtesy of: Root & Bone website

On Saturday at the prime brunch hour of 12 p.m. I wandered my way to the Alphabet City/East Village to Root & Bone to meet a friend for some lunch-hour breakfast food. Root & Bone serves primarily southern comfort food but with an elevated twist; meaning there’s a rustic, country vibe, miss-match china plates, and the fanciest deviled eggs I ever did see. More on that later.

My friend and I decided to order 4 things and share them all, and I highly recommend this plan-of-action. I can sometimes become cripplingly indecisive, so splitting all the food is the perfect way to ensure my overall wellbeing. Dramatic? Maybe.

After an order of iced coffees and Diet Coke our first two dishes came out:


DRUNKEN DEVILED EGGS Handsome brook farms catskills NY eggs, pickled roots & chips

I audibly gasped when I saw these baby deviled eggs. They were almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. They had a fairly strong mustard taste which was great for me because I’m always #TeamMustard. I think the teeny chip garnish added the perfect crunch too!


GRANDMA DAISY’S ANGEL BISCUITS Honey roasted chicken jus, benne seeds & sea salt

The manager sent these over to us and explained that the recipe was from the owner’s actual grandma. 1. Daisy is the perfect grandma name. 2. These biscuits were incredible. There’s a method to eating them that goes as follows: you cut off a piece of biscuit, dip it in the “jus” and then dip it on the sea salt and benne seeds. I love DIY anything, and these biscuits were certainly no exception. They were warm too. Ugh I’m freaking out just thinking about how good they were!

Now for the main dishes!


FRIED CHICKEN ‘N WAFFLE SANDWICH Pickled green tomato, melted cheddar & pickles

Mini waffles! Mini sandwiches! I love all things mini! Root & Bone is known for their fried chicken, so we had to try some so we didn’t disgrace ourselves or our families. Our waiter suggested the mini sandwiches and oh baby! The fried chicken was great, and not overly-fried (a sad and detrimental way to ruin chicken) and the waffles were a sweet, doughy vessel for the chicken to go from my miss-match china plate to my mouth-trap. If you’re going to order one thing at this restaurant, I recommend this.


ICEBERG WEDGE Cherry tomatoes, charred corn, avocado, spring onion & blue cheese ranch

We decided we needed something green, hence the sal-lad. One look at this salad and most people would say it is meant for a small family of four; but, if you’ve ever met me you know that doesn’t apply to me. I eat salads out of popcorn-sized serving dishes all the time, however, with the biscuits and the waffle sandwich I had to tap out early. The dressing thankfully didn’t taste like blue cheese or I would’ve had a mild panic-attack. See all previous restaurant reviews for how I feel about creamy, cheesy substances.

If you’re like me, and you’re not originally from NYC but you’re looking for some comfort food to break up all the green juices and avocado toasts, I would recommend heading to Root & Bone. You’re welcome.