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Restaurant Review: Tacombi Nolita

I think we can all agree that the theme of nostalgia is in right now. People are obsessed with vintage clothes, polaroid pictures, old cars and scratchy records. The juxtaposition of emerging tech and the celebration of past novelties makes for an interesting mix of new and old that I can definitely get on board with. Tacombi is a Mexican restaurant and Instagram-heaven gives the people exactly that: a classic space with traditional Mexican food and the aesthetic for a perfect picture to share on social media.

Tacombi offers up a piece of Mexican street food culture to the quiet, cutesy Elizabeth St. in Nolita/Soho. The menu is simple but packed with flavor and the drinks are … strong; which is just what I wanted when I decided to order a margarita on a Monday (all for the sake of #NationalTequilaDay). Everything is made fresh, day-of, and served out of an incredible vintage VW bus located inside the restaurant. I’m not kidding, it’s parked in the center of the dining area and converted to serve food out of. Did I mention that it’s incredible?


Photo courtesy of: Tacombi Facebook

Now, onto the food & dranks. Vamanos!

(Oh & p.s. there’s lots of ~mood~ lighting at Tacombi so I had to use other people’s brighter pictures in addition to my own)


Photo courtesy: Tacombi Nolita website

MARGARITA Housemade margarita recipe

One too many of these could have anyone dancing on tables. Even my dad.


Our server was raving about this beer, but sadly, I’m not a beer drinker. My friend decided to try it though and  she described the beer with the usual beer lingo that I don’t understand, and said it was great!  


Photo courtesy: Tacombi Nolita website

PALOMA Fresh grapefruit, club soda & tequila

Whoever decided that National Tequila Day should fall on a Monday is seriously disturbed. In order to remain ~festive~ my friends and I ordered all the tequila drinks.

PIÑA COLADA The Acapulco Sunset Clásico

Strangely it was raining this day. Que “if you like piña coladas & caughting in the rain” lyrics.

Oh and because my friends are INSANE …

A round of tequila shots to getcha goin’!


GUACAMOLE Freshly made and served with homemade totopos

You have to start of with chips and guac. It should be mandatory, really. The chips were thick and crunchy and the perfect vessel for Tacombi’s insanely fresh guacamole. Forget Chipotle, this guac was 10x better and not extra.


CORN ESQUITES Toasted corn, lime & chipotle mayo

Street corn x3 and I really wish it was x10000. This was possibly all three of our favorite dish of everything we tried this night.


Photo courtesy of:

CRISPY FISH TACO Fresh cod tequila battered and topped with cabbage

This taco has a star next to it on their menu, which means it’s a Tacombi fan favorite. I understand why, this was amazing! It wasn’t overly fried so it had a crispy crunch instead of a soggy sadness (yay for alliteration!).

POLLO YUCATECO TACO Free range chicken marinated in recado rojo

Your standard chicken taco. I’m pretty inexperienced with Mexican food so I can’t say this was the best one I’ve ever had but it sure was tasty!


Photo courtesy: Tacombi Nolita website

SEARED FISH TACO Seared Pacific rockfish estilo Tikin Xic

Flaky fish is the best kind of fish, and this taco was just that! Also topped with some awesome sauteed veggies. It was definitely a ~healthier~ taco choice *insert flexing arm emoji*


Photo courtesy: Tacombi Facebook

VERACRUZANA CAMPECHANAS Monterrey-style street tacos served on flour tortillas con beans & chorizo and seared shrimp

My friend is afraid of fish, so when the waiter set down this taco mere inches from her she kind of freaked out. It was hilarious. This wasn’t my favorite taco of the bunch, so if you’re trying to decide among all the options I’d probably skip over this one.

GALLO QUESADILLA Pollo en recado and queso Oaxacan

Their quesadillas are served open faced which is a concept I’m not too familiar with. It was difficult to eat but that didn’t stop me from devouring it nonetheless. The cheese they use is unreal and perfectly smokey.


Photo courtesy: Tacombi Facebook

GRINGA QUESADILLA Heritage pork and Oaxacan cheese

If you’re going to pick amongst their quesadilla options I nominate this one! It was SEW GEWD. The chicken was seasoned well, and the amount of cheese to other ingredients ratio was splendid. Well done, Tacombi!

We ordered a lot of food and a lot of drinks and we ate so much I had to unbutton my pants. Tacombi treated us well and was the perfect ending to a dreary Monday. I highly suggest coming here, rain or shine, and it will certainly make your mind and belly happy and full.

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