Restoration Soho – Who Should Fund Restoration Efforts of Murals & Art In Soho?

After learning about Richard Haas’ mural on Prince and Wooster from the NY Times and its importance to Soho, I started thinking about the other pieces of art from the 1970’s and 1980’s around the neighborhood.  Who is responsible for making sure its being taken care of over time?


Other Soho art installations include Ken Hiratsuka’s cement sculpture at Prince and Broadway and the NYC Subway Map at 110 Greene Street.


So…whose responsibility???

  • 118 Prince Mural:  No one person…yet!

The NY Times article predicts the mural restoration project will cost between $150,000-$250,000.  The restoration project will be spearheaded by the Co-op board at 118 Prince, Yukie Ohta from the Soho Memory Project, Richard Haas himself, and a few others (potentially me!) however the source of funding to restore has yet to be determined.

  • NYC Subway Map:  SL Green – the new landlord of 110 Greene?

Goldman Properties sold their building at 110 Greene Street earlier this year to SL Green.  Goldman was an avid supporter of the arts, but the new landlord might opt to get rid of the subway map over time due to expenses…only time will tell.

  • Cement Sculpture:  Peter Brant?

Peter Brant is the owner of 575 Broadway, the building that corners the cement sculpture on Prince & Broadway, and is an avid supporter of the arts.  Hopefully Peter Brant and his team have a contingency plan when tourists wear down the sculpture.

I vote for an inventorying of Soho’s permanent installation art and a responsibility matrix for how, when and who will fund restoration efforts!