Retail Manager Re-Cap @ Barbara Bui!

Barbara Bui has one of the most beautiful showrooms – you should definitely stop in 115 Wooster Street!  I met Annishia the GM and Melanie, the head of retail over the past few months and Barbara Bui was the perfect location for the fourth retail manager event.

Retail GM Network (1)

I brought Hunter Thomas back to give more detail about the buying experience and how it is changing.  We learned an interesting story about Macy’s as well as “THERE IS NO ONE TYPE OF CUSTOMER!”


Barbara Bui treated us to Dominique Ansel as well as a Nespresso coffee booth!

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The breakfast was from 8:30-10:30 and there were around 35 guests in attendance from a multitude of retail stores!  Check out the crowd:


It is great having candid conversations with the community leaders that make up SoHo!