Review: Chefs Club Counter / Chef Alvin Cailin

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Review: Chefs Club Counter / Chef Alvin Cailan

Hey (egg)sluts! The chef behind the wildly successful restaurant, Eggslut, has created an all-day breakfast menu for Chefs Club Counter on 62 Spring St. This new menu is being released as a sneak-peak for Chef Alvin Cailan’s newest concept, Paper Planes.

Since I have a patience problem, I love trying new foods before they happen elsewhere. In this case, I got to smash on some different breakfast items in preparation for Cailan’s soon-to-be restaurant, Paper Planes (located at a currently undisclosed location). Secrets, secrets are no fun unless you tell… me. UGH I don’t like secrets but I guess these toasts were enough to tide me over until I find out.

Alas, here are the things I tried:


THE FARMER 7-grain toast with avocado spread and a sunny side up egg served with sautéed asparagus

I think it’s really hard to mess up avocado toast. You either have to burn the toast, or overdo the egg. The Farmer had neither of those problems so it was a win in my book.


THE FISHERMAN Smoked salmon spread on 7-grain toast topped with a sunny side up egg, red onion relish, pickled mustard seeds and chives

The smoked salmon is mixed with some sort of white sauce and I was shook when I first saw it. White, creamy spreads are kind-of terrifying to me (dramatic I KNOW) but this concoction was on one. I loved the mustard seeds and red onion relish and it added a great smokey-ish flavor to the toast.


HASH NUGGETS Shredded Potatoes, Seasoned with Sea Salt and Onions, Rolled into Bite Sized Portions and Cooked Twice

These little balls reminded me of McDonald’s hashbrowns (this is a good thing) only way better. They are delightfully greasy and I just have a feeling these would cure hangovers.


There’s also two other toasts on the menu: The Butcher (toast with ricotta and a sunny side up egg with sausage links) and The Chef (toast with ricotta and a sunny side up egg with thick cut bacon). Like I said, white creamy spreads terrify me and I already know my strong distaste for ricotta so I skipped out on these as to not give a biased opinion. If you like ricotta, I’m sure you’d get along just great with these two toasts.

If you can get down with all-day breakfast (if you can’t you should reevaluate) then make your way downtown to Chefs Club Counter and make a toast to toast!

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June 19, 2017 | BY Kelsey Coughlin Uncategorized


June 19, 2017 | BY Kelsey Coughlin Uncategorized