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Review: Epistrophy

There’s just something about Mott St. that gives me the feels. It can be so quite and calm that I almost forget I’m in New York City. Almost.

Anyway, I like to think that every SOHO STRUT reader is my friend, and friends help friends out right? So here I am to help you out with your next date night/girls night/solo dinner out, by offering up a suggestion for a cozy little Italian restaurant on Mott St.


From the outside, Epistrophy looks like the perfect Soho dining experience. A calming, yet eye-catching green color with outdoor seating, big windows and dimly-lit bulb lighting running along the exterior. It’s pretty much an aesthetic masterpiece and you become instantly 10x cuter just dining there.

I stopped by on a Thursday evening when the weather was just the right level of warm (for me this is about 68 degrees, but whatever nobody cares I know). I brought a friend with me and we had ourselves a wild low-key dinner out. Here’s the breakdown of what we ordered:

CALAMARI E FUNGHI seared fresh baby squids and mushrooms in extra virgin olive oil and herbs

As a gal who is used to eating her squid fried, I was a little nervy about eating squid that would feel like I was eating squid. Ladies and gentlemen, was I wrong. This was so amazing and I wish we had ordered four more. It wasn’t drenched in olive oil (my worst nightmare) and the selection of herbs was perfect.


BRASATO AL CANNONAU grass-fed beef short ribs braised with cannonau red wine, fresh herbs, and onions served with stone ground organic farmer polenta 

My friend ordered this dish and I could smell it arriving before it got to our table. It smelled incredible and it looked even better, so I sat there excited for my friend to try it and also not-so-patiently waiting for her to offer me a bite. I give all the points to Epistrophy for this dish.


QUINOA SALAD with roasted acorn squash, chickpeas, avocado, braised kale, watermelon radish, arugula, and beet tahini dressing

Before you judge me for ordering a salad, this salad had more non-leaf ingredients than leaf ingredients so, take that! I really enjoyed the organization of elements in this bowl, but the best bites were those that had a little bit of everything together. The beet tahini “dressing” was more of a paste than anything else and it was great to dip my fork into and then shovel around for the perfect bite.


A nice restaurant with good friends and good food is what makes for an enjoyable experience and Epistrophy did just that. It’s a place I can go with friends, with my mom, or on a date and I would feel like the space and the food would meet everyone’s expectations.


P.S. Look how cute that old-school light-up sign is!

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June 17, 2017 | BY Kelsey Coughlin Uncategorized


June 17, 2017 | BY Kelsey Coughlin Uncategorized