Review: Jack's Wife Freda - Soho Strut

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Review: Jack’s Wife Freda

If you’ve ever roamed the streets of Soho around noon on the weekends then you know that brunch is a thing in this neighborhood. It’s a social event that simply can’t be missed no matter how bad your hangover is.

If you’ve chosen to roam Soho on Lafayette St., then you’ve definitely seen the mob of humans standing around outside a restaurant right across from that little park/garden/patch-of-grass called Petrosino Square. Those 25+ people are all waiting to eat in that tiny restaurant, and that tiny restaurant is Jack’s Wife Freda.


Aside from how damn cute it is, Jack’s Wife Freda is known for its incredibly delicious brunch, perfectly-aesthetic Instagram pictures, and beautiful staff/customers. No seriously, it’s like everyone there is taking part in a movie that I wasn’t aware of.

Anyway, I knew I needed to go for myself, so I reached out to the manager who happily welcomed me for a weekday breakfast (same menu + smaller crowds = happy me). On a delightfully rainy Wednesday morning I treated myself to a proper Jack’s Wife Freda breakfast and here’s my review for you:

Before I talk about the real reason you’re reading this, I have to note that for a midweek, 8:30AM open time the waitstaff was incredibly kind and helpful. 


LOOK at that coffee (he)art.


ROSEWATER WAFFLE with lebanese waffle, mixed berries and honey syrup

Just like the new Emerald Almonds tagline, this rosewater waffle was “Yes Good.” It tasted as pretty as it looked, and my sweet-tooth thanked me for blessing it with a sugary but not-too-sugary, fruity waffle.


GREEN SHAKSHUKA 2 baked eggs in a green tomatillo shakshuka served with challah toast

Seeing as though I had absolutely zero clue as to what “shakshuka” was, ordering this was a shot in the dark. How I was supposed to eat it is still a mystery to me. Was I suppose to make a sandwich out of it? Dip the challah (I’m working on pronouncing this correctly) bread in it? Be a lady and cut the shakshuka with a knife and fork and alternate bites with the bread? IDK and IDC because it was so good. It was a little bit spicy, a little bit salty, and a lot a bit delicious.


EGGS BENNY 2 poached eggs over potato latkes, smoked salmon and beet hollandaise

I’ll have it be known that I don’t like hollandaise sauce. Sue me, I don’t care. BUT! This eggs benedict simply would not have been the same without it. This was my favorite of the three dishes I ordered and I would happily order it again, everyday, for at least a month. The potato latkes are what did it for me and now I think I’m a #smashedpotato instead of #mashedpotato kind of gal.


Jack’s Wife Freda lives up to hype, and if you’re down for a little wait it’s a great spot for brunch. If you’re NOT down to wait in this hot summer heat (don’t worry, I don’t blame you) then I suggest going in the evening or for a weekday breakfast like I did. You won’t be disappointed.

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June 15, 2017 | BY Kelsey Coughlin Uncategorized


June 15, 2017 | BY Kelsey Coughlin Uncategorized