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Review: Ruby’s Cafe

Has anyone else noticed the increasing number of Australian cafes around the city? I have and I’m not mad about it, whatsoever. Lucky for all us Soho-ers there’s an amazing one right on Mulberry St. called Ruby’s Cafe.

Ruby’s has floor to ceiling windows facing the sidewalk and in the summer they open them for both the diners and the pedestrians to people-watch each other (I’m a huge fan of this concept). The space is definitely intimate and I guarantee you I bumped into at least two people with my butt while I was making my way to my table.

Once seated, I was told they were going to prepare a selection of dishes for me to try; and while I waited they were kind enough to make me an almond milk cappuccino. Like I mentioned in my last review, I don’t really like secrets so the anticipation for what exactly they were going to serve me was flying high.


*I’m going to pause and take a moment to say that this is the best cappuccino I’ve ever had in NYC. Yes, that’s a huge statement but I stand by it fully, 100%. 

Not too long after I see a collection of plates heading my way and alas, the surprise menu items arrive. Here’s a quick glimpse:


And now let’s break it down piece-by-piece of each unique dish. Ready, set, GO!


RICOTTA HOTCAKES honeycomb butter, banana, side of maple syrup

As I also mentioned in my last review, ricotta is NOT on the list of things I enjoy eating. These pancakes didn’t taste anything like the plain ricotta I know and hate and for that, I give these hotcakes an A+. It’s hard to take a food I dislike so much and turn it into a delicious masterpiece, and also there was honeycomb butter. I have no idea what that is but I want it on everything I eat now until forever.


AVO TOAST on eight grain or ciabatta toast

Ruby’s gets the award for the prettiest avocado toast I ever did see. So much color. So much flavor. They definitely squeezed lemon juice on top and it gave the dish a tart (almost sour?) taste that lemon juice usually does to a meal. It’s not my favorite addition to food, but this was still tasty in my mouth.

BRONTE BURGER premium ground beef, tomato, lettuce, sweet chilli, mayo & cheese (and fries w/ truffle aioli)

OH. MY. GOD. This was my favorite thing I tried and it was just downright something of pure beauty. It looks like a regular old hamburger, and yes to an extent it sure is. BUT. There’s this special sauce on it and it just rocked my whole world. The sauce is a secret, but I’m almost positive it has mustard in it; and I would love to take a gallon of it home with me. Who’s in?


SHRIMP PASTA spaghetti, chilli oil, lime, tomatoes & arugula

Shrimp is really the perfect addition to any dish (see my next meal down below for more proof). This pasta looks alfredo-y but it’s not and that is truly a exhibit of magic to me. Also, I should note that pasta isn’t usually my go-to but this blend of flavors was unique enough, and amazing enough, that I would certainly order it again.


SHRIMP AVOCADO cherry tomatoes, bibb lettuce, radish, snow peas, arugula, chives, mustard cider vinaigrette

Sometimes simple is better, and that’s just what this shrimp and avocado salad was. There weren’t too many ingredients getting lost in the forrest of leaves and every ingredient had a purpose. There was texture, flavor, and freshness, which are all the elements that every salad should have but usually doesn’t. That’s why I’m convinced people don’t like salad, they just need to have one like this and then they’ll be all aboard the salad train.

Here are more pictures of my top two dishes — Bronte Burger & Shrimp Pasta.



Honestly, if you wanted to order both when you go to Ruby’s next I don’t think anyone would judge you. I certainly wouldn’t. So be smart and be brave and order these two magnificent meals off of a close-to-perfect menu (in my opinion). I’ll be over here cheering you on along the way!

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June 20, 2017 | BY Kelsey Coughlin Uncategorized


June 20, 2017 | BY Kelsey Coughlin Uncategorized