Salud! To Your Health

There are many locally owned restaurants in Soho, each of which has their own backstory. Salud, at 107 Thompson Street opened in May (2013).  Salud is a Mexican-American eatery with a heavy emphasis on healthy and organic and their menu features authentic smoothies and sandwiches. From the floor, to the wall decorations, to the ceiling, you immediately get the feeling you’re not in Soho anymore! And to think: it’s just a quick walk down Thompson street…

Salud Soho Inside Looking Out

Salud Soho Inside Looking Out

Salud calls themselves, “a latin take on organic” and after a successful start in their first location in Brooklyn, decided to open up a second location. Sohostrut talked with Arakaren, the daughter of one of the founders and asked:

When opening a second location, what made your family choose Soho and how did you decide on Thompson street?

K: Well My uncle, Eduardo Larios, who is also one of the owners of Salud, found this location. It just felt right opening in an area we knew very well. We all technically grew up in wonderful Soho, so it’s like coming back home.

What is the overarching decorating theme and what is your favorite piece in the store?

K: We wanted to introduce the world to a different style of Mexican art-culture. Even though we are very proud of our heritage, we wanted to avoid the bright colors, and keep it simple. Almost like our house in Mexico looks. Almost everything (artwork) is directly from Mexico. A lot of people seem to enjoy our Frida Kahlo plates. They’re fantastic! Each one was handmade in Mexico. I personally enjoy our vases we have.

Salud Soho Decorative Latin Inspired Wall Art

Salud Soho Decorative Latin Inspired Wall Art – Frida Kahlo plates

Do you know any of the history of the previous tenants?

K: I personally don’t. When I was a child, I would walk right by the Puerto Rican Import Shop {closed in 2011, nearest location is Bleecker Street} and I remember the rich smell of coffee beans and the bright red painted walls that also caught my attention. I’m sure if you ask my mother, Betty Larios, founder of Salud, or my uncle, Eduardo Larios, they can tell you more.

Any recent celebrity sightings?

K: Yes actually! We had a few, Jane Lynch, Jessica Biel, Elvis Crespo. Jane Lynch even tweeted about us calling us, “the freshest, most healthy place to eat in Soho”.

What should someone do before or after going to eat at Salud?

K: I would say, arrive on an empty stomach because there’s a lot to offer…have you ever heard the saying, “you are what you eat?” Once you have a taste of what healthy, fresh food tastes like, you’ll not only feel ready to take on the world but you’ll want to continue throughout the day. Its like getting a facial.

Popular items include the chicken torta sandwich (pictured below) and their wheatgrass shot is served with a Mexican twist: a side of cayenne and an orange/lemon wedge (also pictured below).

Salud Soho Chicken Torta Sandwich

Salud Soho Chicken Torta Sandwich