Shia LaBoeuf Is At The Angelika Theater Right Now!

Shia LaBoeuf has always been one of my celebrity crushes. He did such a great job on Disney’s “Even Stevens” which was a rip off of Boy Meets World {Shia played “Louis Stevens” aka a typecasted “Cory Matthews”}.  Shia was just a little bit more attainable than Cory…

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Last week, I heard Shia would be at the Angelika Theater for three (3) days straight…YES…three days straight!
I put it on my calendar to wait in line to meet him (a very narcissistic move on Shias part, but very clever).
I was live streaming him at points throughout the day on Thursday, and mustered up the energy to walk in the dreary weather to the theater this afternoon.
When I arrived, a line 40 deep had already formed. Towards the front of the line, people said they had been waiting an hour.  I turned around to go back home :(
Hopefully Shia will read this post and ask me to coffee or strut in Soho with me.