How to Have an Awesome SOHO Apartment Without Breaking The Bank

When rent is sky high, it only makes sense to get a smaller footprint apartment in SOHO. However, with that decision comes some other potential dilemmas. How will you decorate such a small apartment without it taking up too much room?


Here are five different ideas to get you started.

1. Choose Multipurpose Furniture

The futon bed that turns into a sofa during the day is one such option. A coffee table that opens up into a dining table when needed is another such choice. These types of multipurpose furniture pieces can save space during the day, when a bed can be hidden in plain sight and pulled out at night, when needed. Consider also making your rooms multipurpose, like a kitchen that hides a desk to make it a work or a craft area too.

2. Keep a Clean Home

New Yorkers have busy lives, but keeping a dirty home, particularly when it is a small apartment, is not really doable.

Clutter and dirt make a small space seem even smaller and less inviting. If you can’t make time for a weekly cleaning, why not hire an NYC cleaning service professional, like one you can find at, to do it for you on a regular schedule? It can keep your apartment looking tidy and help you breathe easier in a small space.

3. Think Vertically

Loft spaces in a tiny apartment in SOHO are pretty common. Make use of tall ceilings by thinking vertically. Opt to raise your bed off the ground, by creating a high-platform, to give you storage or living space underneath.

4. Use a Light Color Scheme

Darker colors tend to make a small apartment feel claustrophobic. Light color schemes have the advantage of reflecting light from windows much better and open up the spaces visually. Paint the walls off-white or light neutrals throughout to provide a backdrop, like a blank canvas. If you want a splash of color, provide that with your furnishings so that you can easily change the accent color and make it a new room on a whim.

5. Go Modern and Minimalist

The fewer possession you have to store, the better. Use furniture with clean lines that looks modern, which will also fit in well with the trendy SOHO neighborhood. Make use of architectural features you can’t hide, like exposed beams and columns as focal points, and don’t try to hide them. They add to the character of a modern look. Glass modern furniture also provides clean lines and doesn’t take up too much space visually, making rooms look bigger.